“Borrowing money could be sometimes tedious and embarrassing in Nigeria, especially when you need to borrow from friends and family members…”


Fintech is derived from two words “Financial” and “Technology”. It is used to describe the new technology which try to find improved and automated delivery and use of financial services. The main objective of fintech is to help business owners, public/private companies, and consumers to better manage their financial activities, processes, operations and lives.

Access to credit, loans and financing of daily activities or projects could be sometimes tedious, embarrassing in Nigeria, especially when you need to borrow from friends and family members. In order to solve this challenge, Rubimoni was established by us, and our team of professional financial experts/staff are passionate about making financing/funding count for millions of individuals and small business owners across Nigeria.

Fintech companies deploy specialized softwares and algorithms that are used on computers and smartphones to achieve their objectives, hence with the use of your smart phone, we can deliver your loan amount to you in matter of minutes.

At JM Rubinus Limited, we leverage on Financial Technology to provide financial services to people, hence, Rubimoni was established for this purpose. In other words, JM Rubinus is the parent company Rubimoni which provides quick, easy and stress-free loans to millions of Nigerians at very reasonable interest rates.

We leverage on the fintech to empower people with the financial access, so that they can pursue, meet their goals and enjoy a life of dignity and prosperity.

Rubimoni is currently operating only in Nigeria and will expand to other nations in the next few years.

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